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your Cannabis Education

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Kickstart Your Cannabis Education

Get funds to help you transition to a cannabis education.

Show Employers You Are Serious

Bolster your resume with specific courses and education credits that demonstrate to employers you are serious about a career in cannabis.

Join a 20 Billion Dollar Industry

Researchers estimate the cannabis industry will reach 20 billion dollars in the year 2020. Invest in an industry with a bright future.

Are you investing in an education or simply a diploma?

The Cannabis Industry is booming and needs more people in cultivation, dispensary management, and more 

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Who Can Apply?

Students ages 18-25 who are currently enrolled in an accredited college or junior college in the US or Canada. A total of $3,000 will be dispersed among one or several students who demonstrate that they have paid for either online or in-person education in cannabis classes or training. Students will need to show a start of coursework after January 1, 2018, and completion of coursework by Jun 15, 2018 to receive partial or total reimbursement of education costs.

“Education is a crucial component to advance any industry forward and cannabis is no different.   Furthering our knowledge of cannabis and all processes around it will only accelerate the road we are on towards global legalization.  If you are investing in the education, you are ensuring your position at the front of the line.”

Josh Haupt

Founder, Three a Light 

Education Scholarship

"Let's face it, the higher education system is terribly broken. Education is free and readily available at any library or online. What's more, MIT and Stanford are offering free online classes. So why are students still paying an arm an a leg for education and going into debt for it? Because students still believe that employers want to see a diploma.

While that was true in the past it is becoming less and less true every day.

Fortunately, cannabis hasn't  joined the educational industrial complex yet, and costs for online education and in-person cannabis training are still relatively reasonable compared to traditional education.

If you have a burning desire to get into the cannabis industry and need some extra funds to help you get started, we are here to help. Apply today for our cannabis education scholarship fund."